Animal Control

Animal Control

The Township of Zorra is taking steps to support our community's response to COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) and measures taken by Southwestern Public Health. We are monitoring our operations daily to ensure we are taking the right actions to protect our residents, employees and visitors. Visit our COVID-19 page for regular updates.

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Dog Licenses

Licensing your dog is important to help identify your dog should it become lost or injured. Dog tag collectors no longer go door to door issue new dog tags in Zorra. It is up to the pet owner to ensure that all dogs are registered with the Township.

Dog tags are $15.00 per dog, per year. The tags will be valid for three years (January 2019 to December 2021). Click here to apply for a new dog tag online.

If you own property in the Township, the annual dog license fee of $15.00 per dog will be itemized and added to the final tax bill sent out every August. Tenants will be invoiced annually for the licensing fee.

Lost dog tags will be replaced for a fee of $3.00. Please notify our office and the replacement tag will be mailed to you. 

If you find a lost or injured dog, contact the number on the tag to make arrangements for the dog's safe return. If you find a lost or injured dog after regular business hours, please contact Kismutt Small Dog Rescue at at 519-283-6585.

For reference, the Township's Animal Care and Control By-law is available on the By-law section of our website.

Kennel Licenses

Kennel Licenses are only issued at the municipal office and kennel operators must show proof of membership with the Canadian Kennel Club. Kennel licenses cost $100.00 per year and an annual site visit is required. Please contact the office to discuss regulations for kennel licenses at 519-485-2490.

Kismutt Small Dog Rescue

Kismutt has been awarded the Tender for Animal Control Services for the Township of Zorra.  Kismutt provides services for DOGS ONLY.  

Please note, the Township does not license or provide rescue services for cats.  If you find a lost cat, please contact your local SPCA or Humane Society.  Click here to visit the Ontario SPCA website.

Kismutt Small Dog Rescue
Kimberly Thomas
882702 Road 88 (corner of Road 88 and 13th Line)
Zorra Township 
Cell: 519-619-6203
Email Kismutt small dog rescue 

If you have found a stray dog, are looking for a missing dog in Zorra Township, or are interested in adopting a rescue dog, visit Kismutt's website.

Helping Lost Pets

Have you lost a pet or found a stray dog or cat?  Spread the word using a web service called Helping Lost Pets!  Visit the Helping Lost Pets website today.