Building Permits

A Building Permit is the written authorization which grants legal permission to begin construction of any new structure, addition or renovation.  It is issued only when the plans for construction comply with the Ontario Building Code, the Township of Zorra Zoning By-law and other applicable laws and regulations.

The use of Building Permits allows municipalities to regulate the types of construction in the community and ensure that proper building standards are met.  The enforcement of building codes serves to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

building plans

Building Permit Application

To obtain a building permit, an application must be completed. The form is available online (Building Permit Application) or at the Muunicipal Office from the Chief Building Official. This application must be completed for the issuance of the building permit. In addition to the completed application form, applicants must also submit building drawings, plans and other documents to the Township of Zorra for processing. For small projects like a backyard shed or pool installation, a simple site plan is requested. A sample site plan is available here. A detailed description of the planned work and intended occupancy, identification of the building lot or site, a valuation of the proposed work including materials and labour costs are required.

For exterior work, a floor plan, a cross section, a site plan and elevations will be required. For interior work, a floor plan and a cross section drawing will be required. Buildings that are over 3 stories or greater than 600 square metres will require an architect or an engineer to design and prepare plans for the building. Each application shall be accompanied by 2 complete sets of building plans and specifications unless otherwise specified. 

The Building Permit fees are determined by the cost per square foot, dollar value, and flat rate for some buildings. The permit fee is payable at the time the Building Permit is issued.

As of May 3, 2011, the Building Permit fee rates are:

Residential Construction (new homes,additions,renovations,decks) $100.00 + $0.40/sq ft
Agricultural Construction (coveralls,barns,storage sheds,workshops) $100.00 + $0.20/sq ft
Silos - vertical or horizontal $200.00 flat rate
Manure Storage $500.00 flat rate
Commercial, indistrial, institutional buildings $100.00 + $8.00 per thousand
Plumbing $50.00 + $10.00 per fixture
Sheds $50.00 flate rate
Swimming Pools $100.00
Woodstove, fireplace $100.00
Partial Occupancy $50.00
Signs $100.00
Change of Use $50.00
Solar Panels $150.00
Conditional Permits $50.00
Lot Grading Deposit $1,000.00
Refund Damage to Street $500.00
Final Inspection Deposit $500.00
Demolition $50.00 flat rate
Additional Inspections $50.00 flat rate
Enforcement Call-backs $50.00 per occurrence

A building permit is NOT required for a fence.

Additional fees for services such as water, parkland dedication, development charges, and deposits for protection to public property may also be required.  For any inquires about building permits, please contact Mike Hughes, Chief Building Official at 519-485-2490 ext 7224 or send Mike Hughes an email.

Failure to obtain a Building Permit will result in a penalty of double the permit fee, as per the Township of Zorra’s Building By-law.