road grader

Responsibility for the roads in the Township of Zorra is in the hands of both the Township and the County of Oxford. The Township is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all Township roads within the municipality, while the County is responsible for all County roads.

For concerns regarding County roads, please contact the Oxford County Public Works Department at 519-539-9800.

For concerns regarding Township roads, please contact the Director of Public Works at 519-485-2490 ext 7227.

Work and Road Use Permits

At a regular meeting on March 6, 2012, the Council of the Township of Zorra passed the following resolution:  

“THAT Council adopt the Township of Zorra Work and Road Use Permit as attached to Memorandum 2012-048 from the Director of Public Works.”

The fee for a Work and Road Use Permit is $150.00.  The form and conditions are available here.

Road Closures

Our roads can be closed for a variety of reasons including paving, culvert replacement, general road repairs, and many other reasons.  Road closures are posted here to keep our residents informed.  For further information regarding any Township road closure, please contact the Township office at 519-485-2490.

Want to find out details about a specific road closure?  All road closures in the County of Oxford are posted on the County website.

Snow Removal

The Township provides snow removal services on Township roads in the winter months to ensure safe travel on our roads during weather emergencies.  

For concerns regarding snow removal, please contact the Director of Public Works at 519-285-2490 ext 7227.