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In 2017, Zorra Township Council decided that a branding exercise was necessary in Zorra. The goals were to establish Zorra Township as a desirable destination for possible residents and visitors and to strengthen and update visual identity.

As part of this exercise, the Township identified the following needs:
• New tag line (new positioning line)
• Communications standards guide
• Community entrance signs
• Promotional items

Working closely with Karen Sample and her team at 31st Line Strategic Communications, the new brand was created and was officially launched at the December 19, 2017 Council meeting, with several community and staff members present.

The Zorra Brand:

We strive to make Zorra better by doing our part. In Zorra, we take great pride in maintaining our exceptional rural lifestyle, made
possible by our highly engaged community and government. Our location allows residents and businesses to enjoy a small village  atmosphere with abundant green space, easy and fast access to big city amenities and large consumer markets. Zorra is  progressive, environmentally conscious, economically strong and prosperous. Our highly productive rural land provides a solid foundation for successful and varied agriculture and food production. In Zorra Township, we care.

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Communications Guide

This Graphic Communications Guide provides a set of guidelines for the consistent use of Township communications, including the Township brand. Consistent use of communication standards is important to effectively communicate the overarching essence, tone, personality, concrete visual touchstones, benefits and qualities of the Township. Over time, implementing these guidelines will contribute significantly to a strong, unified identity that will be easily recognizable and a source of pride to our public, our stakeholders and our community. 

Altogether, this document provides style guidelines for using the Township logo, images, brand and fonts for all Township-related materials and communications. This guide is about bringing uniformity to how the Township communicates and is identified by Township staff, Council and the general public.

Click on the image below to view the full Brand & Communications Guide.

Click here to view the accessible version of the Brand & Communications Guide.